We have created something beautiful, something we want to share with you. We create everything with huge precision, since most of work is done by our hands. Glash, is a designer lamp in retro style. It is an exhibit, that fills spaces and gives them unique character. Its warm, Tungsten light, and finishes, that combine design with functionality, recalls the best times. Times, when each created object had its own soul, which is completely different than modern mass production.

I’m proud that project which appeared in my head as an idea, found appreciation of people who love products with soul. I would like to invite you to explore my design.

Bartosz Dąbrowski

What we do


GH01 model is the biggest lamp from Glash family. It weighs ca. 34kg, and reaches up to 3m in height! The perfect place for Glash, is spacious room, such as lofts, apartments or rendez-vous places. Our clients have chosen GH01 for their places in post-industrial buildings, offices, ateliers, and restaurants. More informations…

GLASH atk0

ATKO model is the youngest Glash family member. Destined mainly for standard sized places. Designed, to fit into regular apartment. ATKO is a proposition for those, who are fond of Glash lamp, but prefer more compact sizes, or do not have enough room for it.
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